Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ready, Jet-Set, Go!

Ready, Jet-Set, Go!

Have you come across this? I must be the last person to hear about the Travel and Tour Expo happening this 19-21 at SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia. I can only imagine the promos (tours, packages, air fare deals) up for grabs! This is one event I have to go to. Even without any help lugging my 6-month old in tow.

Out with Euna
Yes, that's us. Taken yesterday when I thought I was up to the challenge of going out by myself with Euna (not included in the pic is my huge bag filled with Euna's stuff!). And I was! I am! I'd really appreciate having help though. I'm looking for a stay-out maid actually to come in 2x a week to clean, do the laundry (the delicate clothes), and the ironing. Drop me a line if you have someone to recommend. Please! I still have a lot of backposts to write!

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