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Turning Another Year

I can't believe tomorrow is already April and that March is ending. I wanted to start the month of March with a bang because aside from it being my birthmonth, I was also expecting a lot of changes to happen. Unfortunately, the changes haven't happened yet but I turned another year nonetheless.

This past year has been, perhaps, the most happening year for me: I got married and now have a daughter! These are such life-changing experiences, I doubt if I still am the same person that I was before these things happened. I do know what hasn't changed: my hunger to experience everything that this world has to offer. I still want to travel and experience and continue to document my experiences here at Hungry for the World.

Let me share with you an image of me blowing my birthday candle which my husband thoughtfully bought me a day AFTER my birthday (it's a long story).
Turning another year
Can you guess where he bought the cake?

Thanks to everyone who greeted me. Thanks for remembering. :)
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