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Where Now?

Where I am Now
Above image should tell all.

Delay in posting due to a veeeery hectic schedule. Was rushed into flying to Sydney with practically just 2 days notice! The good news is that I have my family with me here so even if it's winter, it doesn't get too lonely. Another good thing is that I have a couple of Filipino officemates who prepared a welcome dinner for us on our first day which really went a long way as we were too stressed to even think about food! And restaurants abound in the area ranging from Asian to Mediterranean to Italian so finding a place to eat at is fairly easy (deciding is another thing). Unfortunately, I wouldn't exactly call it cheap as a meal outside averages at 6-10 AUD! And that's just every day fare! And I've been super busy at work. Just super. So updates for now would have to wait.

Inauguration is on June 30th. That's one holiday I'll be missing.

More soon!
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