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Such a short word, with only two syllables, but so powerful. Gugma is the Cebuano word for love.
The day of hearts is fast approaching once again and I'm sure lovers out there are scrambling to plan something special for their loved ones on this occasion. Let's not forget to show our love for mother earth.

Pic above actually came from this:

These Christmas trees were on display and up for auction at Greenbelt 5 last December. These were my 2 favorites.
I'd like to think they were able to recycle quite a number of newspapers/magazines for this. Ingenious!

Not to be a damper but Queensland was recently flooded and on top of that hit with a category five cyclone just a couple of days ago! And the US has just went through one of the worst blizzards ever. What is this world coming to? That's why I always argue with my husband - why bring another child to this ailing world?! It's time we show mother earth much GUGMA. We could start by observing proper garbage disposal and bringing our own water bottles.

I don't know if we'd be going out on Vday though. Restaurants will be filled and traffic will be horrendous. It'd be a good day to just stay at home. Hopefully, hubby will cook something.

Advance happy day of hearts!
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