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Tokyo Cafe Yet Again

Yes, another Friday at Tokyo Cafe. Same dishes ordered: margherita pizza and fried chicken. This time, I made sure to take a pic of the pizza.
pizza margherita
For some reason, I didn't find the pizza (or the fried chicken) something to be raved about as I did before. It could be that I had a lone mouthsore on my upper lip this time. Nevertheless, my husband still loves Tokyo Cafe's fried chicken.

euna with the rides
Euna loves running around the Piazza but never has had the chance yet to get on one of these.

water fountain
Specially watching the lights play in the water fountain.

All photos above were taken using an iPhone 4 on HDR. I'm too lazy to lug around a DSLR/digital camera these days. And I no longer experiment with food. I stick to what I know. I think I'm getting old.
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