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I feel for Japan. I was in the office the afternoon it happened and some of my officemates were worried sick over their loved ones who are in Japan and were trying to get in touch with them and make sure they were safe (and they were, thankfully). A lot of them were in the pantry watching the news unfold on CNN while others were at their desks busy watching videos of the earthquake and tsunami on youtube (nevermind the company policy on viewing youtube). It felt so surreal watching it on youtube, as if it were a movie, only this time, it's the real deal. I felt so puny watching it. I try, as much as I could, to shield my little girl from harm and negativity in this world. But there's no escaping from that.

Not to be an alarmist, but I couldn't help but think of the movie 2012. There's civil unrest in Cairo, NZ was hit by an earthquake last month, before that Queensland was flooded, and the US experienced the worst snowstorm in years. What else is in store for us this 2011?

Frank did all this
Typhoon Frank last 2007. Insignificant compared to what happened to Japan.

I am not ready to die yet. Now, more than ever, I feel the need to live life to the fullest, to make each day count.

From Chuvaness, there's food shortage there now. But you can help in your little way. Groupon Philippines accepts donations as low as PhP100.00 and they promise to match your donations and this will be given to the Red Cross International Relief Fund for Japan. Here's how.

* I really wanted to use a photo for this post. I just don't want to deal/don't know how to deal with copyright issues though.
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