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Is it Holy Week Already?

Wow, I can't believe it is. I used to dread the holy week when I was a kid because it meant hot and humid weather and we weren't allowed to take a bath, with nothing to do but watch movies of God's only son being sacrificed for man. I would be so envious of other kids because they were allowed to play outside (and I could hear their happy squeals) and we were only to stay indoors. On the other hand, what I liked about it though was when my parents would prepare binignit, a porridge of sort with coconut cream, camote, banana, and tapioca and that was what we ate for the most part of the week. And fish.
I'm so glad I left home as it meant I would be able to celebrate the holy week any way I want to. But then, in the past 6 years that I've been free to observe the holy week my own way, I have never joined the mad rush to the beach. I think it's just crazy. And expensive. Instead, I've just spent it indoors catching up on things to do and one time, gorging on delivered pizza. This year, I wanted to go on a mini staycation at some hotel but H has work (no holiday in the US) to do. This means that for this year, yet again, I am staying indoors albeit no longer restricted to a fish diet or forced to watch the son of God die for man's sins again.

Since it's so hot earlier, I finally decided it was time that I took a dip in the building's pool, make some use of the association dues we've been paying for in the past 5 years that we've been living here.

euna with ball
Before a dip in the pool, some ball fun at the rooftop.

euna at the pool with auntie mae
Euna clearly enjoying herself with Auntie Mae having a hard time holding on to her.

I can't believe summer's here.
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