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Mangosteen = Ginto (Gold)?

Earlier, we went to do a bit of groceries at Landmark. There was barely any good fruit on the shelves aside from the ever-reliable banana. I went home bringing with me grapes, kiwi, and avocado instead. I understand that the shops just opened from the holidays and that customers before me must've stocked up on fruits as well having been deprived for a couple of days. However, 2 weeks ago, I came across this:

gold mangosteen?
That's a whopping PhP 225.75 for less than half a kilo!

My family knows I love, love, love mangosteen. It's my favoritest fruit in the world but I couldn't have it as often as I would like and prices like this just make it prohibitive for me. So, with a sinking heart, I put these back on the shelf. Mangosteen would have to wait until my in-laws would kindly bring us some or when I go home to the province. It's time to start a mangosteen business.
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