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A Peek Into The Manila Polo Club

After living n years in Metro Manila, I have finally set foot inside one (if not the) country's most elite neighborhoods - Forbes Park, well just the Manila Polo Club really. I would have to thank my company for giving me that opportunity, at the very least, as I certainly don't know anyone within my circle who's a member. Oh wait, I do remember one - my boss before when I was still a wee lass fresh from the province and have no idea what Manila Polo Club meant. Now, I pass by the same road each day on my way to the office and I would see the small sign on the gate that says Manila Polo Club and I would wonder what was inside and what it would take to enjoy its facilities. According to MyTravelGuide, a measly PhP 3.2 million would do.

And you still think the Philippines is a poor country?

Where have I read that the Philippines is a rich country just pretending to be poor?

We parked quite a bit off ways from the lounge as the area near it was for members only - meaning you'd have to be a multi-millionaire to park in there. Haha!

Function hall where we sat for a few several hours listening to the company's leaders before we were fed.

2011-03-12 2011-04-12 Ixus 120
Is that caviar on top of the canapes?

Left: Fruit Pavlova and julienned carrots, celery, singkamas, and cucumber with mayo dip.
Right: Slightly spicy chicken satay and quiche.

At 8pm, we were served cocktails and finger food it was!

What can be more finger food than this?

What I ended up stuffing myself with - plateful of fruit pavlova!

And then I just had to check out the ladies restroom:
Full wall mirror, air conditioned, and I'm glad to see a diaper changer for mommies (or is that for yayas?).

The restroom wasn't grand or anything but it was well-maintained.

But wait, there's more:
A wall separates the restroom from the lounge where ladies could freshen up and well, just lounge, connected by the open door.

Can you just imagine what these walls heard considering the roster of the past and present members reads like a who's who in Philippine Society? Wouldn't you want to be that wall? Haha!

For more info on Manila Polo Club, check out their official website.

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