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Blogger Down and Updates

Have you noticed that Blogger went down last week for more than 30 hours? I thought Google was dependable. This whole went down thing actually surprised me. I understand, coming from the IT industry myself, that incidents such as this are bound to happen but I hold Google to a totally higher standard and expect more from them (even though Blogger is a "free" service).

As a result, 3 of my recent posts took some time to come back up and when I did check my tags for these posts, the commas have magically disappeared. Just noticed this now and so I have to update the tags for those posts again. And yes, it also brought down the comments with it. And those new comments never reappeared. Thankfully, those 3 posts I wrote did.

I'm currently busy at work and the looming turnover date of our unit. All I could think of right now is look at design websites, maximizing space, looking for an interior decorator/contractor, and finalizing our bank loan. While later on, I have a Bohol escapade to look forward to in June for H's birthday and planning Euna's 2nd birthday party which will be huge compared to her first (thankfully, my SIL has gone through the same process a few months back so this should be breeze. *fingers crossed*). While I still have a lot of material to write about: there's an overnight stay at Astoria courtesy of my in-laws, more eats(!) and how I got tipsy(!), and review for Marco Hotel CDO. So expect these in future posts. That's it for now. xoxo
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