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Happy Mother's Day, Ma!


Sad as it may be, my mother has not greeted me a happy mother's day yesterday.

She also did not greet me a happy birthday on my birthdate this year. She did it a day later, as if an afterthought, through fb.

She wasn't there when I gave birth to her only grandchild. It took her over a month to come and see me.
We spoke on the phone the morning after. I gave birth to Euna at nearly 1 in the morning.

She's not a bad mother. I still remember when I used to get sick as a child, she would be there ready to console, make me feel better, with a bag of oranges. She could have been the best one under right circumstances. And I could only yearn for the mother that she could have been.

Ma, I wish you, at the very least, enjoyed your day yesterday. I, still, love you. Come and see us whenever you wish to.

She overcame hear fear of flying solo to attend Euna's baptism.

You could still be the best grandma to Euna.

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