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Happy Birthday Huneeesh!

I'm trying to get this post in just before the clock hits midnight. H and Euna are happily snoring beside me. It was a long day. Tiring but fun. Isla Hayahay (more on this in later posts) is, indeed, living up to its reputation.

birthday boy fishing
H's wish granted - go fishing and to actually catch one!

I picked Isla Hayahay for this very activity - that H be able to fish to his heart's content. I don't know what it is with H and his fascination with this sport. This was already his 2nd fishing "expedition" of the day.

euma grabbing papa's prized fish
Euna trying to grab her papa's prized catch! Which she eventually did! Poor fish!

happy camper. errr... angler
You can't see the fish here but this is one happy camper. Errr... is it too soon to say angler?

Huneesh, fishing might not be my thing as I am not the most patient person in the world but ily and I love seeing a smile on your face. Happy birthday!

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