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I feel like I'm the only person in Metro Manila who hasn't tried Pepper Lunch yet. I kept seeing the queues for this place in Greenbelt 5 and I wondered what the hoopla was all about. Of course, being a reader of Chuvaness, I came to know that she (with her SO?) are the people responsible for bringing this to the Philippines. So when DealGrocer came up with an offer of PhP 320 only for PhP 500 worth of dishes from Pepper Lunch, H and I immediately grabbed 2 coupons, even if it was meant for use in Robinson's Place Manila which means we'd have to drive out of our way from Makati.

beef yakiniku
My order of Beef Yakiniku.

Find out what H had after the jump!

We got there at about 6 in the evening on a weekend, just in time for start of dinner rush (bummer!). There was already a queue when I fell in line. Had to wait for my turn to order (not the cashier yet, these was just the pretaking of orders part), which after having paid to the cashier, again had to wait for our turn to be seated.

My beef yakiniku was ok. It arrived a bit red in some parts but that's to be expected as it's still being cooked while placed in front of you. So it's up to you to season the beef. I do remember the beef to be soft. But enough about my order, H's was the star of that night's dinner:

big beef rib-eye steak
"Big" Beef Rib-eye steak for H.

Wow! That's all I could say for this steak. At PhP 635, it wasn't cheap but H and I thought it was worth it. The meat arrived still red but with the help of the pan, I think was cooked to medium rare. H was raving about it so I just had to try it as well. When I bit into my slice and started chewing, all that beefy goodness just oozed out from the meat. I'm not a carnivore, carnivore but this is definitely turning me into one. Made me think of buying some premium cuts at S&R so that we could enjoy this at home.

molten chocolate cake a la mode
Molten chocolate cake a la mode

Forget having dessert at Pepper lunch. I bought the above and another slice of Vanilla crepe cake but both were so so (commercial grade chocolate. Sorry, but I tasted the chocolate to be more of a coloring than a flavor). When at Pepper Lunch, best to stick with their sizzling dishes - that's what I learned. At least now I know what the hoopla is all about. Definitely, Pepper Lunch is an addition to my favorites list (come to think of it, I should be making that list soon)!

Pepper Lunch
Robinsons Place Manila
G/F Padre Faura Wing
Robinsons Place Manila
M. Adriatico Street, Manila

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