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Another Favorite

Been so stressed these past days with moving. I thought I'll take a break and just blog about another favorite (restaurant/food) of mine today.
bonchon for 6
Any guesses?

Find out after the jump!

None other than Bonchon! The soy garlic sauce which is a combination of salt and sweetness just floors me! I bought the deal from DealGrocer before which was good for 6 people (pictured above) and H and I almost finished all of it in one sitting (except for the rice and the iced tea that came with it)! This has moved up to #1 in my best chicken list.

We'd usually order the combination of drumsticks and chicken wings but lately we're favoring the latter. Even though it lacks meat (compared to a drumstick), we still prefer it since it's the chicken part where there's a lot of skin to enjoy.

bonchon interiors
Is that a karate kid couple I spy on the left?

One time, we sat next to a family of 5 who were eating their chicken with much gusto except that the marinated chicken skins were left on their plates! There were only 2 reasons for that: either they are a heath-conscious bunch or they were saving the best for last. I bet on the latter. True to bet, a few minutes later when they were done savoring their chickens to the bone, I observed them happily finishing off the earlier discarded chicken skins all the time licking their fingers. Sorry KFC, Bonchon is now the new finger-licking good.

Bonchon branches are scattered over Metro Manila. Images above were taken from Greenbelt 1.

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