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Are You Afraid Of The Dark?

Can you feel it's Halloween yet? The malls and establishments are decked out in cobwebs, skeletons, pumpkins, and witches. As if that weren't enough, here's the recent addition to the Piazza at McKinley Hill:

horror house
If you are (afraid of the dark), then I suggest better not try this out - the horror house at the McKinley Hill Piazza. 

I am so easily spooked, I didn't consider the thought of going in. Though my brave youngest sister did, going inside all by herself. She came out smiling actually but she was secretly shaking - from the cold of the airconditioning and she admitted, not knowing what lay ahead of her inside the horror house. She was just grateful that no one jumped out and actually grabbed/touched her otherwise, she would've shrieked her tonsils out.

Let me not spoil the fun by spilling all the gory details here. I suggest you check the horror house at the Piazza McKinley Hill if you and your friends are up for some scary fun this Halloween, even if just to determine who will shriek/scream first. Entrance is PhP 80.00 per person. It's open from 5pm till 11pm in the evening and it will run until October 31.  It's situated at the ground floor center area beside Amici  (which is still a work in progress). Kids ages 3-10 years old need to be accompanied by an adult. My 2-year old instinctively ran away when she heard the groaning sounds (so that response is inherited and not learned?). Happy Halloween!
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