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Cream Cheese Burger

In an unexpected place, I discovered yet a new favorite: beefy, juicy burger with cream cheese from Go Gourmet!

cream cheese burger
I even brought home the container to recycle!

Photo of the burger patty after the jump!

There was just the usual greens, tomato, cucumber, and mayo but it's definitely the patty that'll hook you. It just soft, beefy, and juicy at the same time! We even had this as ulam (main course) for dinner!

cream cheese burger
Can you see the cream cheese in the patty?

I ended up buying  a kilogram of Cream Cheese burger patty for PhP 920! You might be surprised since I'm such a cheapskate but I actually bought the deal from Beeconomic so essentially, I only paid half of that. :D

Petron Dasma Gas Station
Go Gourmet is tucked in that little corner just to the left of UCC Cafe in above photo.

They have another branch in Rustan's Makati as well.

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