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Nursing A Flu...

Meant to break my blogging hiatus last November 30/December 1 but I ended up getting some sort of flu. My body ached all over and my tonsils were so inflamed, I actually preferred spitting my saliva to swallowing which is so gross (and TMI), I know. I just had to go to the doctor after 3 days of this and ask for antibiotics. Not sure if that was the best approach, but being a mom, without househelp for 2 days, and a husband himself down with the same illness, seemed the only thing to do.

arroz caldo from floating island
Arroz Caldo from Floating Island, Makati Med. The best arroz caldo I had during those days. Comparable, if not better, to this.

I mostly had arroz caldo, congee, and noodles to help me through those days. I grew up with this as my diet on the days I'm sick so it definitely has its roots as comfort food to me. Also, I didn't have to twitch every time I had to swallow (I had lesions on my tonsils already). I had to take a pain reliever just to let myself swallow in peace. The last time I took pain relievers was after giving birth to Euna. I cannot believe I was beaten by inflamed tonsils. It was the first time in my life I appreciated my capacity to swallow! I thought I was being punished! For someone who likes to eat, not being able to swallow, therefore enjoy eating, seemed like the ultimate punishment.

I came out of that ordeal with the resolve to take better care of myself. The last time I was down with the flu was back in 2006. It was hard because I was living by myself in Makati and worked in QC. I recall going home so tired, having to commute because I didn't have the means to pay for a taxi. I had to walk from Ayala MRT to what was Park Square 2 then to get myself dinner and some meds. And then I had to commute to get to where I was staying. I ended up not eating the dinner I bought because I was so tired. Such was my life then but it didn't take me more than 3 days to get me back on my feet (that is without antibiotics).

In my late 20s, it's a different story. It took me more than 5 straight days of leave for me to get back to work. I'm still taking antibiotics and nursing still inflamed tonsils (though not comparable to the previous days) as I write this. With a daughter to take care of, health is now my priority. Kudos to the moms who've been there and survived! It really is not easy being a mom when you're down with something. Especially if your kids (I'm still lucky since Euna's just a kid - not plural) are too young to understand...How do they do it, btw? So there's my new year's resolution for 2012. Speaking of which, it's December already! How time flies! Advance Happy Holidays!

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