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Kiddie Bites at Disneyland, Hongkong

For today's Monday Bites, I'm featuring my daughter's dinner ordered for room service after a tiring day of walking around Disneyland, Hongkong.

kiddie meal at disneyland hk
A plate of mashed potate, pasta bolognese, some beans, mickey-shaped mango pudding with fresh strawberries and a cup of hot chocolate served in disney characters cutlery.

mashed potato with pasta bolognese
It wasn't just Euna who liked and enjoyed this mashed potato and pasta bolognese. Though the beans were left untouched. It's comfort food. Served sealed and hot.

Fresh mango pudding topped with fresh strawberry. Again, catered for kids but I really like how this has a good balance between mango fruit and gelatin. It also tasted like it was just made.
mango pudding
I so wanted to bring that mickey-shaped clear plastic container home but luggage restrictions won't permit! Haha!

We really observed how happy she was and somehow she felt that the day spent at Disneyland was indeed for her. This meal was a great way to cap the day. It sealed the Disneyland experience.

There's still the breakfast at Enchanted Garden the next day which had the Disney characters going around for picture-taking opportunities so watch out for that post!

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