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Of Life And Dreams

This year was supposed to be monumental for me. Pre-euna, I dreamt of getting married this year. Pre-H, I used to think 40 was my marrying age. Haha! I used to dread the advent of my birthday. I almost always end up getting depressed. t's that time of the year when I reflect on the things that I've achieved and worse, yet to achieve. Though in retrospect, I really didn't have a clear definition of what I wanted to achieve.

blowing my bizu bday cake
Blowing my cake. Same as 2 years ago.

Life has a way of happening to us. No matter how much we try to control every aspect of it. It sometimes throws us curveballs which knocks us off our feet, off our certainty. I wasn't prepared with Euna's coming. Worse off, I wasn't prepared to get married. But I did. Now, I think I've made the right decision. My husband is the best partner out there for me. There might be smarter, good looking guys out there with rock hard abs (but real men have tummies according to H), but I doubt he'd have the temperament nor patience to stand by my demanding nature and mood swings. In turn, I have come to accept the things that I cannot change. And nag (which I hate doing!).

family :)
My birthday surprise c/o H with his infamous seafood tomato pasta with red wine in the background.

And Euna, what can I say about my little growing girl? She taught me patience. She taught me to love unconditionally. She taught me how tough giving tough love is. I am learning every day.

Occasionally, on bad days, I do think of what-ifs but the happiness that I have with my family each and everyday, in and of itself, is a gift. I am grateful. Thank you for giving me another year.

Thanks to all the birthday greets (you know who you are).

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