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Botanic Garden Homestay, Hoi An

Where we stayed at for an overnight in Hoi An. The hosts were very gracious and spoke good english. They accommodated my request to shorten my booking without additional fees. They also seemed to be genuinely concerned on my state of health.
botanic garden homestay gate
The sign  to the homestay was easy to miss as we arrived in the night. I can remember the night was cold and I wasn't feeling my best. Nonetheless, despite the late hour (about 10 pm), we went out in these bicycles for a bite to eat. These are courtesy of the homestay at no additional cost. ready for a spin
Be careful though when biking. I nearly went into a ditch when I tried to avoid a scooter that came out of nowhere!

These photos were taken in the morning. I was feeling worse than the night before but we had to prepare as we had to be on our way to Hue. It was a shame that I was sick. I was actually looking forward to exploring the UNESCO Heritage site in Hoi An.

Entrance to the bungalow.

Receiving and living area.

This particular bungalow had 2 bedrooms. Lucky us, we had the place to ourselves.

botanic garden homestay room

Bedroom and ensuite bath. Mattress was hard but it usually is in Vietnam. The linens are at the very least 200 thread count.


No pic of the bathroom. It had a tub and hot water. Nothing fancy but functional.

Dining area. Having breakfast. Well, forcing myself to this traditional noodle dish Cao Lau which is specific to Hoi An. I need to look for those pics.

Food in Hoi An is fresh, relatively cheap, and delicious (from the little that I have tried).

View of the pool from the kitchen.

Another view of the pool.

I really feel bad how our Vietnam trip turned out. I still have mixed feelings about it. But I am definitely going back. What we would have seen had I the energy ->

Finally, Botanic Garden Homestay has their own website. We had to book with Agoda before as they just recently opened then back in January. Happy to have found this little gem in Hoi An. Will definitely stay with them again when we do visit.

Botanic Garden Homestay
Hoi An, Vietnam
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