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Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe

It has been more than a month since our househelp hasn't come in. I terribly miss her. I miss going home to a spic and span place without me having to lift a finger. I miss my perfectly ironed clothes. I'm sure Euna misses her daily time out with other toddlers as well. She wasn't exactly cheap but she was worth it. I also think having her around is more economical than having me compensate for having to work and clean at the same time. Not a good combination. The main reason why I decided to stay in the Philippines despite a chance to work abroad is that I can afford househelp here. But without househelp, I'm not so sure.

Which made me think of Australia and so for Monday Bites, I am featuring the Guylian Cafe on Circular Quay in Sydney. Guylian, maker of Belgian chocolates, which I'd usually buy as pasalubong (gift) for loved ones.

Do you see those chocolate bars? Complimentary! And yes, I brought them home!

I'm not such a fan of chocolate bars but when you use these chocolates as main ingredient in say, cake,  all I can say is wow!

The richness of the drink just blows me away. It is but only right to savor this cup slowly.

Thanks to my aunt for sponsoring!

It doesn't hurt that one can dine alfresco and enjoy a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge (which I'd climbed!).

Ok. Enough nostalgia. I still have work until Thursday. Looking forward to a 4-day weekend which I'll be spending cleaning at home. What are you going to do with yours?

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