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Once In A Blue Moon

Happened to chance by this freezer full (well, about 1-2 layers) of Magnums yesterday while doing grocery at The Landmark in Makati. I tell you, this is the first time that we've seen this freezer to actually have any Magnum ice cream left. H happily bought 2 chocolate truffle, one for him and one for me (which I later gave away to the kid who sells Sampaguita just out Landmark while waiting for H to pick us up).

magnum at the landmark

I'm not really a fan. Aside from the chocolate coating, which I'd assume from the taste, uses premium ingredients, there's not much to this ice cream (sorry to the fans). So H was a happy man for the day and lucky day for the Sampaguita selling kid.

Sorry, I really don't understand the craze. Am I the only odd (wo)man out?

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