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Pilgrimage Village, Vietnam

Where we stayed at in Hue. Very lovely accommodation, more like a get-away than anything else. Their tagline "looking for lost time" is very apt in this rustic and laidback setting.

rainy outside
Hue, infamous for its year round rain.

infinity pool
Never saw anyone dip in this pool in our 4-day stay in the resort.

More of Pilgrimage Village after the jump!

We took the train from Hoi-An to Hue. We were supposed to stay in Hoi-An for 2 nights but Pilgrimage Village had a promo running then (stay 3 nights, pay for 2), so I decided to cut our stay in Hoi-An short. That and I wasn't feeling well.

train to hue
Definitely not  a luxury train but interesting to be among locals.

It was a 2+ hour ride from Hoi-An to Hue. We passed by the scenic coastal area which I've read to be on the lookout for but I was too sick to be bothered to take pictures. I had difficulty keeping everything in as it was.

After more than 2 hours, we arrived to a cold and raining Hue. I was shivering and was grateful to have the hotel staff waiting just outside the train station holding a piece of paper with my name on it. She had warm wet towels and 2 bottles of water waiting for us in the van. It was about 10-15 minutes ride from the train station to Pilgrimage Village. While checking in, they served me ginger hot tea to salve my aching throat.

during the day
Pathway to the bungalows/villas. About 4 rooms are housed in each cluster.

Our room. A king sized bed and another single bed for a child (I missed Euna when I saw the single bed). Seating area as well with fruits waiting on the table. Huge balcony outside.
pilgrimage village balcony

pilgrimage village bathroom
And a huge bathroom (this is almost as big as our place)!

love the jars
Lovely jars for conditioner, shampoo, and bath gel. Lovely and relaxing scents as well. I think the far right contained bath salts. Unfortunately, I couldn't bring these home. Haha!

at night
Lighted lamps to guide you during the night.

restaurant setting
Restaurant in Pilgrimage Village when we decided to eat out (instead of room service) one evening. Same menu though as room service but with water more expensive.

Tried out the bar because we had complimentary drinks.

The whole time we were there, the staff was very courteous, attentive but not in a hovering way. It was just a very relaxing stay. Mostly, we just stayed in the room for me to recuperate. We made use of the spa and had spa treatments. I also saw a Vietnamese medical doctor (expensive!) and a naturopath (again, expensive!) but the experience was worth it. Will definitely be back again when I have the chance!

Pilgrimage Village
130 Minh Mang Road,
Hue 8454

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