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What To Give?

H is turning another decade in a week. I am at a loss what to give him. It's a milestone birthday. He wants a car (what we have right now is generously lent to us by my in-laws) but he knows we can't afford it for now. He'd have to wait another 5 years maybe before we can realistically start looking at that. In the meantime, I am at a loss.

bohol bday
His birthday cake last year thanks to Isla Hayahay. They have run out of age appropriate candles. He spent the time there fishing, his favorite outdoor activity.

family of 4
Our small family of 4 in Bohol.

2010 bday
His 2009 birthday with caramel cake from Estrel's. I went all the way to QC to get this.

2009 bday
And 2008 was a Tablea Chocolate cake from Chocolat all the way from SM Mall of Asia. I went around the mall with my big belly (7 months pregnant with Euna then) looking for balloons. I hid the balloons under the kitchen sink and the cake in the vegetable bin and surprised him come midnight.

Surprisingly, I don't know why I don't have pics from 2007. In 2006, haven't met him yet.

I'm taking the week off on his birthday week. We are also spending some time at Pearl Farm, Davao with his family. I am pledging not to use any sick leaves this year so that he can use the incentive as part of his downpayment for that new car. I still think I need to do more. Suggestions?
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