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Late Lunch at Cyma

First and last time I ate at Cyma was more than 4 years ago as some sort of team lunch paid for by our project manager. I remember it was good but expensive so never tried it again until earlier.

cyma interior
The mediterranean blue ceilings and accents at Cyma, Edsa Shangrila.

H hasn't tried Cyma yet. So we thought it was a good time as any being it was on the 6th floor just along the rows of other restaurants like Sumosam, Tender Bob's, and Sentosa.
red & purple bread from blue kitchen
Euna snacking on the Red & purple bread from The Blue Kitchen, a family favorite, while waiting.

I ordered this Grilled Pikilia for appetizer. It came with this 4 choices of salads(?) and 12 pieces of excellent and interesting pita.
grilled pikilia
We just mixed as preferred. The blackish salad on the lower pic is made of mushrooms and sweet. The other one with the shrimp heads and pieces of shrimp mixed with tomato is sour. The one on the left had grilled squid on top mixed with pipino had this sour-y/creamy taste. I forgot the one at the back but it also had squid. Middle one essentially bland with coriander, tomato, and green onions thrown in. Still, I cannot rationalize having paid PhP 700 for this dish. It was great and interesting, provided a variety of flavors but trying it once was enough considering cost.

grilled salmon
Grilled salmon in butter lemon sauce. Grilled just right still moist with right tang of lemon and rubbed with salt and pepper. Couldn't get any better, really.

Chicken Seafood Yiouvets
But the show-stopper would be this chicken & seafood yiouvetsi. That's pasta Filipino folks and not rice even though it looks very similar to paella. For PhP 450 and serving about 3-4, this one is definitely a keeper! I might just go back and order this alone. It's both rice and viand in one dish already!

What's your favorite at Cyma?
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