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Ready-To-Eat Meals From Our Kitchen

It has been more than 5 months since our househelp suddenly left us. We have been househelp-less since. It is not easy juggling household, workload, and a toddler. Month ends are just way stressful since that's the time of the month when I am required to put in extra hours at work, not to mention the pressure. We have dealt with it by having H quit his regular gig and I suppose, eating out or having food delivered whenever we're both too tired to cook (mostly him being too tired as most days, I can't be bothered to lift a hand in our tiny kitchen).

When I discovered one place last week which delivered ready-to-eat meals to the comfort of one's home. This place is heaven-sent to stressed-out moms like me.

Discount coupons were offered in Ensogo a couple of months ago which was how I came by this Our Kitchen at the ground floor of D'Ace Plaza along United Street on Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig.

They offer microwaveable meals at relatively affordable prices (comparing to average spend when eating out).
ready to eat fridge 2
They have pasta, lasagna, meat-filled buns, and options for ulam such as Bicol Express, Pork Binagoongan, Chicken Lollipops...
ready to eat fridge 1
We went home with the Seafood Karekare,  Beef with mushroom, and I forgot the other one which I wasn't able to try out (H prepared microwaved it for lunch while I was in the office). I preferred the Beef with mushroom and can imagine having it for dinners for days to come. I am excited to go back and try out the other offerings on their menu.

euna with breads shelf
They also had this row of breads, pasta sauces, and pastries. Need to check this out more next time.

Refrigerated goodies. Tried the cupcakes and they were good for the price.

our kitchen signage
Our Kitchen signage by the front.

I considered relocating to D'Ace plaza after this for the convenience of having food just below the building. Haha! It did not hurt that Ace Water Spa was also in the building. ;)

Seriously though, Our Kitchen delivers food wherever you may be for free/fee depending where you might be in Metro Manila. I suppose if you do bulk orders that would come down to a reasonable delivery fee. H is considering minimizing our groceries and just order bulk from them. I wonder if they have some loyalty scheme?

You can check out Our Kitchen's website here.

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