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Sharing My Newfound Cup Of Tea


Recently tried this milk tea place in Mandaluyong. Do you know which milk tea place this is?


Still no clue? Find out after the jump!

Was so excited when I stumbled upon this on my way to Our Kitchen (same row in D'Ace Plaza).
Sharetea, which looks like a franchise direct from Taiwan. I asked if they delivered, they answered yes which made me very excited only to find out they're limited to the surrounding area. McKinley Hill is considered too far already. The guy at the counter said they were safeguarding the quality of the milk tea. Delayed deliveries usually mean watered down milk teas and hardened tapioca/pearls (sounds familiar). Made perfect sense, unfortunately.

I ordered a large Taiwan Classic less ice and sugar which already came with pearls. Set me back PhP 100 (about USD 2.50) if I recall correctly. Size would be same as Chatime and Serenitea.

Another shot. Lucky peeps in Pioneer, Pasig, and Greenhills, Sharetea delivers!

Verdict: It's more milk than tea which I would compare to Tokyo Bubble Tea's Royal Milk Tea. This is better value considering volume, another alternative to Agantea. Pearl was chewy as I'm expecting it to. Not hard or makunat. I ordered it less sugar so that just fits my preferred sugar level. As a rule, I prefer my milk teas with less sugar.

So interested to try their Crispy Chicken. Definitely next time when we're in the area.

I so want to visit Taiwan just for a food trip. Between our trip to Vietnam and HK in the first quarter of this year and H's birthday in Davao, I'm afraid we've already eaten up all of our travel budget this year. :( I'm itching to open a milk tea franchise (from Taiwan) so that I get an excuse to fly there! 

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