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Wagyu Burger at Malcolm's

Back in 2008, H and I had the Wagyu Burger at Malcolm's along Dela Rosa Streeet in Makati. It looked like this then:
wagyu burger 4 years ago
I think it was cooked medium well. It was good but for the price, H didn't deem it quite right to fork over that amount for a burger, whether wagyu or not.

Fast forward to 2012 and Beeconomic came out with about 50% off deal on a meal at Malcolm's. And true to my husband's carnivorous nature, he ordered what he already had:
wagyu burger now
Wagyu Burger now cooked medium. Gone are the potato wedges but the salad siding is still there. Aaaah, look at that juice pooled at the bottom of the burger bun...

wagyu burger cooked medium
A closer look to make you drool. :P

While I am not a burger expert, this is definitely one my favorites.

fish & chips
Fish & chips ordered specially for Euna. Too bland for my taste. I suppose because it had the tartar sauce but since I did not like it, I made do without (hence, finding it bland).

complimentary chips
Complimentary chips. "Sheps" according to my daughter.

malcolm's interior
Interior at the BGC, Taguig branch. Quite laidback and not a lot of people around. Limited parking space as well.

us 4 years ago
Us back then, 4 years ago, at Malcolm's Dela Rosa branch. Just the 2 of us.

our +1
Fast forward 2012 with our +1. :)

What's your favorite at Malcolm's?

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