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On My Third Try...

I know I tweeted I will never have Gong Cha again after my makunat tapioca experience and when they forgot to add pearl topping to my order of milk tea the 2nd time but I was at Glorietta earlier and was passing by the foodcourt after checking out the blue cross sale at Debenhams when I saw the Gong Cha stall. I thought I should be fair and at least give them one more try since all my past experiences with them were limited to having the milk teas delivered to my office.

  gong cha house special milk milk tea
Hence, I tried one of Gong Cha's house specials, the milk milk tea.

Find out what I thought after the jump!

I ordered the milk milk tea with less (70%) sugar and less ice. I had to add pearl as topping since that was not included in the standard order of milk milk tea. It came with that cream that is similar to rock salt and cheese from Happy Lemon, the JCC milk tea drink from Tokyo Bubble tea, and mousse from Chatime. It's milky (understandable with the milk milk tea name), the tea flavor did not overwhelm the drink, and I had it 70% sugar which was alright but next time, I'm going to have it at 50%. My husband, who prefers Starbucks to milk tea, actually happily competed in finishing this milk tea with me. I am surprised that I actually like this milk tea (Oh no! Not another one!).

Only downside for me would be the price. This is a large milk milk tea which costs PhP 125. With the additional pearl topping, total cost was PhP 140! Quite expensive for milk tea which would beat Tokyo Bubble Tea's if it weren't for the fact that the large serving at TBT is actually small compared to most milk tea shops!

No, this is not a sponsored post. Not happy to take back what I've said but I'm happy to have found this drink. Now, if only I can get past that price...

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