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In the End

I should not have left my last post for 2012 on such a low note, so I'm going to consider this as my last post for 2012.

This year had been really hectic and stressful. I did not lead a charmed life so when I say stressed, I really mean stressed. So I'm looking forward to just slowing down this 2013, stop being so driven. I don't know why I have this drive when I don't even know in which direction I'm heading. I am hoping the world will conspire with me on this (please help pray that H finds an opportunity good enough that I no longer need to work).

Just some photos since H's operation. Only positive vibes.

dress rehearsal
My little girl's dress rehearsal at school. First dress rehearsal.

first time on stage
First performance. Was surprised to find tears rolling down my cheeks when I realized she was on stage. To feel pride at that moment (totally unexpected) and the realization that she's growing up. Fast. You read about it and you think about it but to actually experience that she's growing are two different things.

playing with the sand and bottle
She's liking the sand. And the beach.

playing with the sand and bottle
And she enjoys being buried in the sand as much I used to.

father and daughter
The 2 loves of my life.

mother and daughter
Here's to hoping to spending more time with you this 2013 little girl.

Happy new year to you! May we all find that which we are searching for this year.

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