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New Digs!

Last time, I talked about us moving into new digs. Well, here it is:

reception area
Reception area. There's really nothing there except for this ottoman/bench I'm sitting on, shoe cabinet, and the cannot-be-missed huge rabbit on the wall. It's quirky.

The best thing about it is....

Drum roll please....

My own work station!

work station
My back, neck, and wrist will finally have a rest after weeks of improvised seat and desk.

I was supposed to be on sabbatical for a couple of weeks while we are here in Singapore but ended up working 97% of the time.

Accommodation in Singapore's one of the most expensive that I know so I'm just happy and grateful that H has found this place which fits our budget. It has a very good energy too. While I'm not superstitious, I do believe in energy. The owners looked to be in their mid 20s and it's very evident from the place that they took lengths to make a home out of it.  It's a corner unit so we get sunshine in every room. Positive vibes. Hoping to get more work done now!

In another news, I've finally been to Ikea! Haha! I'm no longer an Ikea virgin. While my impression of the brand before was quality for the price (and therefore on the affordable end), quite surprised to find a host of options. You could get a duvet/quilt for SGD 7 and get another one 10x that amount. Same goes for pots and pans. So really, good to find options depending on the budget. Next post will be on that and my orientation to the Ikea world. ;)

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