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No Longer An Ikea Virgin

While I've been in Singapore and Hongkong before, I've never been to any Ikea shop. So you can just imagine my giddiness when my sister and I, with Euna, finally made our way to the Ikea warehouse in Tampines. We took bus #72 from Hougang and 20 minutes later, getting off across The Pagoda bus stop, we walked maybe 500 meters when we finally saw our destination:

ikea from the other road via bus 72

Truth be told, I actually rode bus 109 the day before with my toddler with the full intent of making my way there by ourselves but upon seeing that it was across the wide freeway (and Euna conveniently sleeping in my arms), chickened out. :D That turned out to be one of the longest bus rides ever as we made a round trip until Changi and again took the same bus number back to Hougang. Haha!

huge ikea building
It's not a shop! It's a HUGE warehouse! Four stories with the first 2 allotted for parking and the other 2 for showrooms and shopping!

Okay. A bit of background. I've heard of Ikea before but only truly appreciated the brand when we bought a tiny condo and had it renovated. All of my research pointed out that if I wanted affordable furniture/furnishings for a tiny condo, Ikea was the answer. Unfortunately, we did not have Ikea in the Philippines. So I contented myself with looking at their website and getting inspired by the ingenious Ikea designers and Ikea hackers.

food options
Ikea food! Prior to this, I was totally unaware that they have a food line. Omg! I had to try!

They have an Ikea restaurant on the 4th floor. Let me just tell you, to save yourself the going back and forth, grab yourself one of those tray trolley you see in the right side of the pic below, especially if you're ordering for the group before queueing up.
for the uninitiated: trolley in the ikea restaurant/cafe

salmon with potato
I ordered this dish of salmon with potatoes and greens. This was so-so. I suppose the peeve was that the salmon was dry.

poster child for appetite inducing meds
My toddler having a kid's plate of chicken nuggets and fries. Poster child for appetite inducing vitamins.

organic pasta with meatballs
My sister ordered this organic pasta dish with Swedish meatballs. When mixed with parmesan, it's actually good. You can also buy the meatballs to go so that you can enjoy this at home.

ikea dessert
This plate of desserts was a really great way to end the meal: Triple chocolate and  Daim torte. I don't know if I'm just starved for good desserts upon moving here (I don't know where to get the cakes I'm used to getting back in Manila so let me know if you have suggestions!) but I bought the to-go version as well.

desserts on the go
Ok. I realize I bough the right triple chocolate cake right and I got the wrong torte. The Daim cake and the Mork Choklad did not taste the same.

And upon closer inspection, do not look the same.
dark chocolate cake slice

triple chocolate cake
Triple chocolate from the box also does not look the same, nor does it taste the same. What am I missing here? Is there some sort of prep steps done at the Ikea restaurant before these are served?

bottle of classic peach and apple juice
The only good thing with the Salmon combo I bought was that it came with the above drink: a bottle of Classic Juice of apple & peach. Ever since I've been here in Singapore, I've refrained (yes, refrained!) from ordering drinks because all of a sudden, I find it expensive! Haha! This had fruits in it and I thoroughly enjoyed this. If, on the other hand, you prefer the bottomless drinks (reminds me of S&R), then you can definitely have cups of any soda you want for only 1 SGD.

On our 2nd return (yes, we went back within the same week this time with my husband), I ordered from the Halal line because all of the other queues were such a stretch!
halal pasta with meatballs
Halal meatball and pasta (meatball was without pork).

halal chicken
And 4 pieces of chicken wings. Affordable, yes but nothing to rave about. Good thing my daughter was hungry so she wasn't her usual fussy self and it was actually remarkably easy to feed her that time.

Word of caution though, don't go there on weekends if you can help it! The crowds!

Ok, I just realized I've been yakking on about food. Did not mean this to be just a food post but it seems  it is destined to be. Watch out for my other Ikea posts!

P.S. Apparently, there are *free* Ikea shuttles from all over Singapore. I haven't been personally on one and have not verified this but you can check out the details here.

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