Bohol Countryside Tour: Part One

This was what greeted me when I emerged from Supercat ferry at approximately 9:45 a.m. on a sunny Saturday. Just look at the color of that water!
Port of Tagbilaran

Not knowing what was going to happen to my day, I decided to just play it cool and play it by ear. I went along with the crowd to the arrival area and gratefully, found an information desk near the exit. I asked the tourism guy for places to stay and how much it'd cost to do the Bohol countryside tour by myself. He answered my queries, quoted me a price, and handed me some brochures. While deciding what to do, I noticed a Chinese guy (who I later came to know as Biker) at the counter (backpacker), also clueless as to what he was going to do for that day. Leaving fears and doubts behind, I asked him whether he would be interested to join me in a Bohol Country Side tour so that we could share the cost. He said yes, but still wanted to wait to find others who, like us, would also be interested in the Bohol countryside tour. A guide/driver came by and asked us whether we would be interested in availing his services. He conferred with the tourism guy first on the tour price before saying anything to me (See! They are in cahoots!). In the end, it came down to just me and Biker. After agreeing on the price with the driver, we proceeded to the Island Mall in Tagbilaran so that Biker could have his dollars changed to the local currency and purchase a local SIM.

Tip: The conversion rate in that particular booth in Island Mall (forgot the name but it was at the ground floor) in Bohol is actually higher than that in Cebu or Manila by 1 peso at the very least. It was 48.xx to a dollar, while in Manila, it's 47.xx.

A Bohol Countryside tour normally has the following itinerary:

  • Blood Compact Site
  • Baclayon Church
  • Loboc River Cruise
  • Tarsier Encounter
  • Man Made Forest
  • Chocolate Hills

Which will be elaborated on in the next post:
Bohol Countryside Tour: Part Deux

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