Mind Museum, BGC

My 2 younger sisters are here for a visit and I thought they'd enjoy going to the Mind Museum in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig. H and I have been waiting for the chance as well and it came up last week.


The Mind Museum is the first of its kind and in a class of its own in the country. From just the building alone, it is clear that a lot of thought has gone into it.

I bought the tickets online days before direct from the Mind Museum website. It was painless and hassle-free. I opted for the 3:00 - 6:00 pm slot.
We arrived 5 mins to 3:00 expecting to be ushered directly into the museum, but this is what greeted us outside the museum. There was another line inside. I wasn't happy to be waiting in line in the middle of summer Manila heat. Imagine if the place had no roof!

Once inside, we were cut into "batches". I suppose for the tour? But we did not really follow any guide and if there was any, it wasn't clear who that person was.

A must introduction from Aedi which is "idea" spelled backwards. Wouldn't have caught that if that wasn't brought to my attention during the intro.

We had to wait for our turn in the Spaceshell (planetarium). So we went around and looked at other exhibits in the meantime. Do not worry, there are several screening times within a 3 hour timeslot as the show only lasts 15-20 minutes.

My sisters insisted on having their photos taken with this T. Rex dinosaur. The scale is impressive. Happy to see this exhibit on Philippine soil.

The crowd were amused as well when my sister's hair stood up upon touching this Van de Graaff generator.

Met Mimo the robot whois obviously avoiding me in this pic. No, it's nothing personal. He's just built that way. His range of motion is delineated by that white paint on the floor.


Unfortunately, my toddler was scared most of the time. These days, anything that vibrates scares her. But she enjoyed lying down in the Spaceshell looking the sun, planets, meteors, and occasionally, egg. Haha!

Dining area within Mind Museum. They only have 2 concessionaires for now. I don't know the other one aside from Cibo. Unfortunately, Cibo was only serving sandwiches. Hoping that they could provide full restaurant service in the future.

Only fitting to have Jollibee outside as well. I can't think of anything more Filipino than that.

I am happy that something like this already exists in the Philippines. I am just sad that funding had to come from the private sector (I saw names of individuals and companies who I assume are the sponsor/s for each of the exhibit). With the structure in place, all that needs to be improved on is the content (the exhibits are more visual instead of interactive) but I am positive that things are going to get better. Looking forward to that.

What ticked me off the most is that waiting time has already cut into our allotted 3 hours. I don't know if they are strict in observing the allotted time but thinking about the wasted 20 minutes of waiting to be allowed in did not sit well with me. One of the personnel assured me that 3 hours is more than enough time "tour" the museum. My sisters later told me that they would have preferred being allotted more time to go around and read/interact with each of the exhibits. I should have bought the all day tickets.

Go visit the Mind Museum when you have the time. My sisters who are aged 17 and 21 enjoyed it and I'm sure the younger ones will as well.

Mind Museum
JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue
Bonifacio Global City

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