New Tea On The Block

Another milk tea post. Haha! I think it's certified already what a milk tea addict I am! My officemate mentioned a new tea place opening in Greenbelt just by Qoola (Greenbelt 2 area) so when Euna had her Gymboree time yesterday, I made it a point to drop by after.


You won't miss the blue light.


I was torn between ordering the Bubble Milk Tea or the QQ Milk Tea so I had to ask for their recommendation. I ended up with Bubble Milk Tea since QQ Milk Tea has pineapple syrup and was informed it has sour taste.

This is the large Bubble Milk Tea. Only PhP 85.00 and as big as the large in Serenitea, Chatime, Gong Cha. Yay!

I thought there was another dimension the Bubble Milk Tea like a fruit tea was used. I'm not sure but I can certainly taste it. And instead of black tapioca, it has white ones! Chewy and just the right texture that I'm looking for in all milk teas.

Lots of interesting flavors. Will definitely try the others.

This is a good alternative to Tokyo Bubble Tea. Better price for a bigger cup and better (efficient) service as well.

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