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I really ought to change the title of this blog to something along the lines of "milk tea addict" given how many posts I've written on the different milk teas in the Philippines and even in Vietnam.
Yes, I still continue to be a fan of Chatime even if my favorite is the Royal Milk Tea at Tokyo Bubble Tea. I've tried Serenitea and have even made a comparison of the 2 here. I've also tried Gong Cha and you will find what I think of it here.

My usual drink will still either be the Pearl Milk Tea at 50% sugar and less ice or the Roasted Milk Tea with additional Pearl at 80% sugar and less ice.

Couple of weeks ago, finally found the time to drop by Chatime branch at Bonifacio Global City. I like how this branch has a sit-down area instead of just a stall. Do you see those magenta and purple chairs? Makes me think of Bizu.

I'm loving these "ash wood" tile flooring.

My sister tried this Oolong Milk Tea Mousse. It had whipped cream at the top (but I could taste coconut milk). Had to pay extra for the pearl. I gave it a try and I'm adding it to my favorites list.

Looks like Chatime is coming out with their own soy garlic chicken. Looks similar to Bonchon don't you think? Haven't tried it yet. Was there the other week and these aren't out yet.

My youngest sister looking after Euna. How time flies. I remember the time when I was the one looking after her.

Lucky professionals in the BGC area. You get free delivery! *envy*

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