Army Navy

I'm late again for Monday Bites. Not happy at all that just when my workload spiked, my househelp contracted something that requires her 2 months rest. Uber stressed is an understatement these days. I barely have time to sit down for lunch. Good thing there's Army Navy just across the office. I had chicken taco for 2 consecutive days.

army navy
Army Navy at McKinley Hill.

I love everything about Army Navy. The iced tea (best out there!), the burger, taco and burrito all with cumin and coriander, the menu and interior, even packaging. It's one of those restaurants that is just so "together".

Then there's the Querida.

Thinnest pizza yet. I'm loving how the taco shell is used here as base for the "pizza" topped with diced bell peppers, cheese, chicken. Would you like some?

There's Taco Tuesdays on Tuesdays which means free iced tea with the option to go large for an additional PhP 10.00. What are you waiting for? It's Tuesday already!

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