Monday Bites: Nanbantei of Tokyo

Been meaning to write about Nanbantei of Tokyo for over a year now. H introduced me to the place back in 2010 and since then, it has been a favorite of ours. Their specialty is yakitori - anything skewered, kind of like streetfood but with an upscale location (Greenbelt, Makati) so understandably, more expensive.

nanbantei menu

Though if you ask me, I think the dishes are worth it.

Nanbantei of Tokyo was the first resto we returned to at after our 2 month stint in Australia. Notice how Euna was so small then? And I still had my braces on.

Fast forward 4 months later, treated my visiting sis to dinner at Nanbantei.

I just noticed my little girl was wearing the same top. 

So yes, we're pretty much regulars at Nanbantei. So were we glad when we found out they've opened a branch in Bonifacio High Street, Bonficio Global City. No need for us to go all the way to Makati (as if it's that far)!

Find out after the jump my fave Nanbantei dishes!

A meal at Nanbantei of Tokyo starts with these veggies and a dollop of that salty brown paste.

Euna with veggies
It's the only time Euna eats her veggies.

I don't know why we had to ask for the veggies though earlier at the Bonifacio High Street branch. Was it just a case of the servers forgetting?

Then we'd order a plate of this Yaki Onigiri. Grilled salted rice wrapped in seaweed.

You can order their besteller plate but I'm just featuring in this post my favorite yakitoris.

Aspara maki
My favorite - aspara maki (asparagus wrapped in thin meat). I'm drooling just thinking about it now. We never fail to order this every time. Yes, I'm happy with just the aspara maki.

Beef yakiniku
Beef yakiniku just tried earlier. Added to my list of faves. Tastes similar to beef steak. This one cooked medium (just reddish enough in the middle to retain all the juices). Again...drooling...

Nanbantei interior
Interior at Boni High Street. Bigger and the smoke is contained. So you don't go out smelling like skewered food (which is the case in Greenbelt branch). It's bigger too compared to the Greenbelt branch which is cramped on Saturdays and almost always we're on wait list (because we don't call in advance).

View outside
The view outside. Yes, that's R.O.X. in the distance. Nanbantei is actually diagonal to it.

All in all, consistent food after 2 years of visiting them. There was a lapse in the service at the boni high street branch (i.e. serving of the veggies) but I'll attribute that to a fresh staff. We left happy and full, as always.

You'll find Nanbantei of Tokyo at the recent addition of Bonifacio High Street block, 7th ave corner 29th, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

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