Monday Bites: Kashmir at Pasay Road (Arnaiz Ave)

Have passed by this resto hundreds of times before on Pasay Road when we were still living in Pasong Tamo, Makati. Been meaning to check it out and finally did over the weekend when Beeconomic came out with this deal.

Kashmir interior
The colorful, yet regal, interior at Kashmir.

Chips, nuts and dried raisin appetizer, salty and sweet with I don't know what spice thrown in.

Wall detail at Kashmir
Avocado green walls peppered with "gems". You can see Euna's hand happily dipping into that bowl of nuts and raisins.
So Kashmir offers Indian, Malaysian and Middle Eastern meals (based off the menu). There's Nasi Goreng (malaysian), Hummus (mediterranean), rogan josh (indian). I'm basing this on my experience eating at New Bombay and Cafe Mediterranean and travels to Singapore.

We started off with the Papad with masala. It has the texture of a fish cracker (kropek), only thinner, topped with minced tomatoes, green onions, and coriander.  Affordable at only about PhP 50.00 for 2 pieces. 

H also ordered Samosa which is like empanada (meat pie) which we ordered stuffed with beef. A dish consists of 4 pieces served with curry and honey(?) paste.

Nasi goreng
Plate of Nasi Goreng which seemed to have been baked after it was fried. Be careful as it is served piping hot!

rogan josh dish
Then a bowl of Rogan Josh. I was very apprehensive about ordering any lamb dish due to past experiences with the gamey-ness of lamb. Fortunately, this one was tender and without any hint of that gamey-ness which the waiter has assured us to begin with.

Rogan josh
Interesting bowl. Not as big as you thought from the previous pic.

All in all, a full and interesting meal. I cannot say anything about the authenticity of the dishes since I haven't been to India or the Middle East but for my Filipino palate, this was quite good. Not something I'd have everyday (it's not exactly affordable) but every once in a blue moon when craving for something Indian, I'll drop by. Together with the coupon, this was a good deal. It did not hurt that when we came out of the resto, H's dusty car gleamed.

Kashmir is along Arnaiz Ave (Pasay Road), Makati.

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