Monday Bites: Happy Lemon

While we were going around in Hongkong, I spotted this Happy Lemon stall in a mall along Granville Road. I've meant to try it in Manila but there was always a long line so I was happy to try it where it actually started and where there was no line at all.

happy lemon stall hongkong
I forgot the name of the mall where this is at but it's along Granville Road on Tsim Sha Tsui.

happy lemon menu -hk
I did not know that Happy Lemon is synonymous to their Rock Salt and Cheese line so I just ordered their pearl milk tea which is usually how I benchmark one milk tea shop to another.

large pearl milk tea in hongkong
The large drink (similar to Chatime and Serenitea's large)only set me back HKD 14 or nearly PhP 80.00 considering the conversion rate that time.

With regards to taste, it did not distinguish itself. The tapioca was smaller than Chatime, Serenitea or Gong Cha. But I was happy with the price and size.

Fast forward to Manila, I was anticipating the opening of the Happy Lemon branch in Serendra, BGC. I thought I should, at the very least, try out the Philippine franchise. One night, after dinner again at Nanbantei, I passed by and voila, it is already open!

happy lemon branch, serendra, bgc

This time, I ordered the Green Tea and Cocoa Rock Salt and Cheese. Note that this is already the large size. And it cost PhP 90 and PhP 100 respectively without the tapioca yet. Additional PhP 10.00 each for the tapioca.
green tea and cocoa rock salt and cheese

The Rock Salt and Cheese is actually similar in concept to Tokyo Bubble Tea's JCC (I should write a post comparing Happy Lemon and Tokyo Bubble Tea). I'd say TBT's creamier and the drink much more together. I just don't think that green tea rock salt and cheese  worked. They just went in separate directions.

happy lemon menu -hk
To give you an idea how much Happy Lemon drinks cost in Hongkong.

And remember that in contrast to the large size in Manila, the large size in HK is the same as Chatime's, Serenitea's and Gong Cha's.

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