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Just a little break from all the gloom and mad rush right now.

royal pearl milk tea
Royal Pearl milk tea from Tokyo Bubble Tea at 30th st, BGC (near Burgos Circle).

This trumps both Serenitea and Chatime for me but rather expensive with smaller serving. Personally, I prefer it 50% less sugar with no ice. Full blow-by-blow in a few days when all the hoopla dies down (it seems there's always "hoopla" going on around me).

I'll be flying to CDO in less than 48 hours, still trying to secure medicines from wholesaler for Sendong survivors which will be checked in as luggage by a fellow colleague. All of our personal stuff will be in our hand carried luggage. We're packing light this time.

Promise, when this dies down, a breakdown of Tokyo Bubble tea's Royal Pearl is up next.

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