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So Saturday night, we headed off to PNKY Cafe along Leonard Wood Road for dinner. It was already past eight in the evening and we were starving. To get there, we took a taxi which dropped us by the road and we had to walk uphill around ten meters or so to get to the cafe.

I expected PNKY Cafe to have a bigger space but when I got there, I saw that the place is quite small. I'm estimating there couldn't be more than ten tables in that space. The height of the ceiling is only about 7-8 feet or so, cozy, and I think that that is its charm. There was only one couple there aside from us so waiting for our dishes to be served didn't take that long. We decided on Salad Balsamico, my bf had the Beef Fever, and I, the Chicken Elenaise.

PNKY Cafe - Salad Balsamico (PhP 185.00)

PNKY Cafe - Exterior PNKY Cafe - Cozy Sofa PNKY Cafe - Salad Balsamico with Menu PNKY Cafe - Tomato Soup with Parmesan on top PNKY Cafe - Chicken Elenaise at PhP 185.00 PNKY Cafe - Beef Fever at PhP 200.00

The best thing to order in Baguio, I think, are the salads since the vegetables are always fresh. That's why I really enjoyed the Salad Balsamico which is "mixed lettuce, bell pepper, carrots, spinach, tomatoes & olives sprinkled with sunflower seeds in balsamic vinaigrette". I also liked the complimentary tomato soup with parmesan cheese that came with our order. It warmed my chilly bones and I liked the bits and pieces of tomato in the soup. The parmesan provided saltiness to the soup. I didn't enjoy much the Chicken Elenaise that I ordered which is "pan fried chicken breast with a special garlic mustard dip". I found it dry (as chicken breast meat is won't to do). I did like my bf's Beef Fever which is "special spicy beef caldereta with mozarella and black olives". The dish looked like a volcano overflowing with lava. Both our dishes came with a vegetable side dish and kaingin rice.

A complete list of the PNKY Cafe menu can be found here

Right beside the cafe is the PNKY Bed and Breakfast. This was our second choice after Camp John Hay Manor and we were dismayed to find out when we tried to reserve that the place was already fully booked for the weekend. Lesson learned: Plan ahead!
PNKY Bed and Breakfast just beside the PNKY Cafe

PNKYCafé, PNKYHome Bed and Breakfast
13 Leonard Wood Road , Baguio City
Tel: (074) 446-7094 or (074) 446-5418.

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[...] where we would have our meals for the entire 3D/2N stay and for our first dinner, we headed off to PNKY Cafe. The next day we gorged ourselves silly. We started with the complimentary buffet breakfast at the [...]

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