The Cake Said It All

Come Valentine's Day, my bf surprised me with this. I don't know whether to give back the ring to him (I can't really, they were on the cake) or just laugh it away. See that text? So demanding! As if I didn't have any say at all! He did explain that his intention was for me to laugh at the audacity of it.

The cake came from Bizu, a patisserie with branches in Makati, Alabang, and Greenhills. Its name is Desire - "combination of milk and dark chocolate ganache with Kahlua, creme brulee and sable crust topped with strawberry mirror finish", especially made for the season of hearts. I ended up eating most of the bottom since this is where the layers of milk chocolate ganache, kahlua, and creme bulee and sable crust meet, making it not too overly sweet. My bf happily took care of the dark chocolate ganache which suited him and his love for anything chocolate, never mind that it was too sweet.

Greenbelt 2
G/L Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel. Nos.: 757-BIZU • 757-4749


iSSa said...

wahhh!! congrats!! =) didn't know nagpropose na si "kuya", hehe!

anyway I arrived here coz my stats showed a visitor from this blog. tapos sa imo diay?? hehe! and you have a food/travel blog pa! awesome! =) I'll add your blogs to my blogroll if you don't mind..

anyway congrats again rye! =)

rye said...

thanks mels :)

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