Do You Still Remember Orange Brutus?

Two years ago, I was in Ayala Mall Cebu when lo and behold, I saw Orange Brutus right across the department store. I was immediately drawn to enter this local fastfood chain which is the venue of one of my fond childhood memories: enjoying a cheese omelette sandwich (I think). There used to be 2 branches in Cagayan de Oro, one in Puerto and the other I think was at the ground floor of the now defunct (or is it still operating?) Sky Hi Cinema. Unfortunately, they have closed down a long, long time ago.
orange brutus cheese burger
I entered the premises expecting to find my favorite sandwich in the menu but found burgers instead. So I ordered the closest which is the Cheese Burger. I found it okay but it wouldn't make my fond memories list. Recently, I googled it and was surprised to find out that it is still very much alive in Cebu with a fully functional website and a marketing campaign involving the Cebuano bloggers network to create a buzz for their products. For whatever it's worth, I'm creating a buzz for them here too. Here's to hoping you bring that sandwich back! I miss it!

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