Grand Mercure Roxy, Singapore

So yes we pushed through with staying at Grand Mercure Roxy. I figured that for the price we're paying, we might as well get the most value out of our money. Coupled with Mastercard's Stay for 3 and Pay for 2 promo plus 10% discount from our Accor Advantage Plus membership, we certainly did.

Finally! A king-sized bed!

The first night, we were given twin beds despite my having reserved for a superior room with a king-sized bed. We were told they had a full-house and the next best thing that they could do for us was to transfer us to a room with a king-sized bed the very next night. The woman at the desk offered us a room at the 14th floor and cot for Euna to sleep in. I accepted it despite my knowing that most likely we wouldn't be able to use it as we co-sleep with our baby. Later on, I realized that the upper floors (from 10 up) is where the deluxe rooms were located and these offered a better view (but I still requested to be transferred the next day since I preferred having all of us sleeping in one bed).

Deluxe Room Twin Beds
Deluxe Room Cot for Euna Ironing Board! Deluxe room Restroom Deluxe room Restroom

The hotel offered standard amenities like hair blower, bar, tea/coffee making facility, toiletries, and even something extra: sewing kit and shoe polisher, which really put a smile on my face. :) I'm such a sucker for these little touches!
Something Toiletries at Grand Mercure Roxy

There's really nothing to complain about the hotel. Well, except for the old/stained carpeting but that can be easily overlooked. I certainly didn't mind. The rooms were clean, toiletries and beddings changed (even when we didn't want the room to be cleaned). They have 3 restaurants (though we didn't eat at any). And they also have a decent sized pool (though we weren't able to find the time to take a dip in it).

Grand Mercure Roxy Pool

While most would certainly mind the fact that the hotel is really not anywhere near any of the touristy places, we didn't mind at all. We wanted a hotel where we could relax at the end of the day, away from the noise, and where Euna, our 5 month old, could peacefully sleep. We took taxis the first 2 days we were in the area and though admittedly expensive, it was convenient for us as we took the time to acquaint ourselves with the landscape. When we were ready to try the public transport (i.e. bus) was a very big help and it didn't hurt that there's a bus stop directly in front of the hotel and that it only took us 3 bus rides (no walking was involved) to get to the Singapore Zoo (more on the zoo in a later post). It is also a plus that there's a mall and a hawker center just across the hotel. We did our last minute shopping at Parkway Parade and had fun eating like the locals do at the hawker stalls near Marine Parade.

Parkway Parade

Marine Parade

It didn't hurt either that the hotel also offers complimentary (read FREE) shuttle to and from the airport.

Complimentary Airport Shuttle

But I left/lost something in Grand Mercure Roxy: a one-of-a-kind white top and my beloved pair of low-crotch/jodhpur/harem pants which I wore when we went to the Singapore flyer (see previous post). I really couldn't wrap my head around why I lost/left it when I've placed all our used clothes in a laundry bag. I've already sent an email to Grand Mercure Roxy about this and I am just waiting for this reply. Hope this gets a happy ending as I certainly enjoyed my stay with them.

Left/lost this outfit at Grand Mercure Roxy
Calling out to Grand Mercure Roxy: I hope to see these again!

Update (Feb-01-2010): Grand Mercure Roxy's Housekeeping department has already sent me an email informing me that they've found my clothing. Really impressive since, I hate to say this, this rarely happens in the Philippines. Now my only concern is how to have it sent to me. I'm not sure if I'd be able to go back to Singapore this year. Ideas?

Update (Feb-24-2010): Got my stuff back! Yaaay! Read here to find out!

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