Sonya's Garden, Tagaytay

The day of hearts is fast approaching once again and while I am itching to write more about Singapore, the sheer number of photos I have to go through just overwhelms me. So I thought I'd just write something about where you lovebirds can go and spend your Valentine's this year.

Can you imagine sitting outdoors under this?

Sonya's secret garden is one of those places that used to be a secret but no longer is. Maybe that's why they dropped the word "secret". By the time we went there in December of 2008, the place was packed with people. We had to wait while they looked for a table to sit us. This was at around two in the afternoon Christmas day (December 25).


The menu is mainly vegetarian. The only meat included in the meal was chicken. Essentially, the buffet only had these: bread with various dips, salad, pasta with choice of sauces, and dessert. I do remember I took a liking to the vinaigrette and the sliced mangoes. Hehe. They also sell the vinaigrette btw in their shop.



Chocolate Cake

For dessert: a slice of chocolate cake, sweetened camote (which looks more like fried pork swimming in oil), and turon topped with sesame seeds.



If you're looking for ambiance or for romantic flair, the place definitely has it. The one thing I regretted not doing was booking for an overnight stay. The buffet lunch that we had in and of itself was an experience. Can you imagine a wedding reception here (I think they've already been a host to many)? It would be lovely!

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