The Most Expensive Mangoes

...Yet! At SGD 4.00 each, definitely the most expensive by far that I've encountered. This would already get me a kilo during lean months and 2-3 when in season (usually get 3 pcs of mangoes to a kilo) here in Manila!

These bananas aren't cheap either. Easily triple the price to what I'm used to. I felt like I went to Singapore just to buy Dole bananas from the Philippines! Haha!
Dole bananas
This was at Carrefour in Suntec City when we were looking to buy fruits for Euna.

Dole bananas
What I ended up with. Had to leave the mango behind. Figured my daughter can live on banana diet for a day or two...

Come on! I'm not such a bad mother. Also bought her apples (priced relatively the same in Manila) and this ready-made organic food for babies made up of vitamin c, papaya, and apples (I think). Not really sure if I recalled the fruit combination correctly.
for euna

But where were we? Oh yeah, mangoes. Those were just expensive!

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