Have You Tried The Latest From Red Ribbon?

My husband came home one day carrying a red box, supposedly something to cheer me up. But knowing him, I wasn't really sure that it was meant for me, more so when I opened it and saw this:

Chocolate Heaven from Red Ribbon

Chocolate Heaven cake, the latest from Red Ribbon, with 4 different kinds of chocolate.

Slice of Chocolate Heaven from Red Ribbon
I'm not really sure what the 4th chocolate is. It has brownie as base, chocolate mousse, then topped with chocolate icing, and rolled shaved chocolates. For my husband who is a through-and-through chocolate lover, the combination is phenomenal. For someone who doesn't really dig mousse, I stuck to the brownie. We both preferred to have it sit for 5 minutes in room temperature, when the chocolate has begun to melt and the brownie not too hard and chilled, when the different chocolates sort of "come together", before digging in.

I still prefer Red Ribbon's Tiramisu over this though. What's your favorite?

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