Post Birthday Dinner at Chelsea

My husband and I had our first dinner at Chelsea more than 2 years ago. It took another visit last January to remind us how much we really liked the place and so I decided, eliminating a buffet dinner at Sofitel since it'll just be wasted on us with Euna tagging along, to celebrate my post-birthday dinner here.

I scheduled the dinner for Saturday and had my husband call the restaurant to reserve for a table for 4 but it turned out that they don't accept reservations on weekends. And so we had to content with keeping our fingers crossed and hope against hope that the place wouldn't be filled when we get there. Turns out I didn't have to worry as my very good friend Christina got ahead and was able to get a table for us.

Appetizer - Baked (I think) Garlic and Herbed Bread
One of the things I like about Chelsea: free baked whole garlic bulb with herbed bread (since I can't differentiate a focaccia from a baguette). The second time we ate there, it took some time for our food to get to our table and so I ended up asking for seconds. I could eat this the whole meal.

Greek Salad
This Greek Salad was the best way to start the meal. Drizzled with just the right amount of dressing, it was light yet creamy and slightly sweet. The fried feta cheese gives the salad much needed (salty) flavor.

Prawn Pizza
This prawn pizza was a winner for me - without the too salty bacon. And so I ate it without and enjoyed it immensely.

This vongole was another winner. Wine was definitely mixed in and though I'm not one to generally enjoy mussels, I found myself eating each.

Pork Belly
What my husband ordered. I'm glad I didn't have any of this as it is quite nakaka-umay. He didn't just NOT finish the dish, he also didn't want to eat anything else (except for dessert). It is much like when one orders lamb and you need a mint paste to get rid of that gamey and tiring taste. It was very much similar to that.

Toblerone Torte
Thanks to BPI's promo, I got this Toblerone Torte for free. I got this because it was the least mousse-y among the other desserts, but it was still mousse-y for me so I didn't really enjoy this one. I'm glad that this was free as a slice is pretty expensive, all the cakes at Chelsea are. I'm not really a fan of their desserts.

All in all, I thought the dinner went well. The combination of the dishes we ordered (with the exception of the Pork Belly) went well together. My husband has noticed that the 3 times we've been there in the course of more than 2 years the menu doesn't stay the same. He says this because he ordered lamb with couscous the first time we went there and he looks for it every time and the dish is always different!

There are a lot of negative feedback out there which I must say I don't agree with but then we all have our own experiences with different restaurants. So, how was yours?

Chelsea Market & Café
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
909-7011 / 909-7012

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