Buffet at Whitespace Goes Green

Went to Whitespace last week for the monthly bazaar. I went there primarily because of Margarita Fores' buffet I read about from Marketman and to pick-up my daughter's supply of biodegrable disposable nappies. Of course, being the third-world person that I am, not at all well-traveled, and accustomed only to the eat-all-you-can kind of buffet, I had to do a double-take when I heard "assisted buffet". It wasn't the first time I was in an assisted buffet set-up but it was certainly the first time wherein I couldn't go back for seconds. We got there around 3 in the afternoon so they were already cleaning up the lunch set and was serving merienda. It costs PhP 150.00 for a cup of penne in cream sauce, tiny seafood sandwich (looked more like a mini burger), and dessert which was some pastry bar drizzled with chocolate (really good) and - water's not free! We definitely weren't the target market. Haha! Nonetheless, barring price, the food was definitely better than average but it certainly left us wanting more (we ate at Teriyaki Boy afterwards for lunch).

freebie at whitespace goes green
Left whitespace with the above as freebies. It'll just take up space but I couldn't resist freebies!

Next bazaar I think would be April 25, last Sunday of the month.

This brings to mind the PhP 49.00 eat-all-you can buffet we used to frequent back in college. There was pasta, bread, and pastry. I know I wouldn't find anything like it nowadays.

Have you been there? How was your buffet experience?

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